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Masai winter collection

Ray of light

Nothing seems more important in a Copenhagen winter, than to find ways to the light in. Be it through the windows or between brushstrokes of a beautiful print - rays of light will always have our attention.

Easy elegance

Ponte di Roma is one of our favourites. This double-knitted, high-quality fabric allows for a soft structure in a feminine design. Go for a well-cut dress or a long gilet to feel smart in an uncomplicated way that allows you to enjoy every step of your day.

Ray of light

Laid back

Who knew that feeling laid back could look so good? It’s all about the cut and the fabric. The Ponte di Roma fabric makes elegance effortless.

True blue

No colour calms us as much as blue. No colour invites us to look outside and up more than blue, and no colour complements any woman more than blue. Wear these jacquard-weave pieces of time-defying elegance to feel truly you.

Layering luxe

Daytime dressing or evening elegance?

This uncomplicated yet artistic print lets you go anywhere.

Try vibrant orange for a warm, sophisticated look. For this season, we felt that a warming, slow-burning orange would be just right. This particular shade adds warmth to your skin tone and adds that sense of vibrancy that makes all the difference during a long winter.

Dressing up

… or dressing down. Sometimes it all boils down to how you wear an item of clothing, and sometimes the dressing up consists purely of adding a bit of red lipstick. We salute the women who dare to add a touch of celebration to any day of the week. 

Easy elegance

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