Masai stores

Masai has 12 brand stores throughout Denmark.

Our Masai brand stores offer a wide selection of our collections. Our staff is highly knowledgeable within womenswear and will help you find Masai styles that fits you and your personal style perfectly, as well as guide you in all things style-related.

Personal shopping

In all our stores we offer you a personal shopping experience. Whether you are you dreaming of a completely new wardrobe or inspiration to get more color and prints into your wardrobe, our staff will help you with personal advice and guidance - completely free.


That’s the message of the cooperation between Masai and the Danish Red Cross. In an effort to further prolong the life cycle of the Masai garments already in our customers’ wardrobes, Masai has established a take back system in our Danish Masai Brand stores, enabling customers to return their pre-loved Masai garments, which are then passed on to the Red Cross for reselling in their shops.

Masai X Red Cross

Masai are proud partners with Red Cross Denmark and contribute to their humanitarian work through our take back program and through yearly donations.